These pages contain scores that I’ve edited or composed. The selection was mostly determined by what I have facsimile or other public domain copies of.

Some notes on interpretation and performance practice are available here.

In all the keyboard pieces the fingerings are entirely my own, and are perhaps best ignored.

A few disclaimers on the Lilypond source:

  • The .ly files are UTF-8 encoded, as all .ly files should be.
  • The files are a bit of a mess. My apologies.
  • If you want to use them you’ll need these three files, which as I have things set up should live one level up from the sources themselves. The first contains some general utilities, mostly for things like real small caps and old-style numerals for fonts that have them. The second has accessors for swash caps in the Adobe fonts I use. The third has defaults for some of those Billings pieces.
  • And speaking of fonts, these do use commercial fonts; you’ll have to buy them if you want to use them.

Lists of works, people, and collections are available in csv form.

The Choral Public Domain Library
An enormous repository of choral music. Bookmark this now, if you haven’t already.

The Cyber Hymnal
A large collection of hymns.

The free software I used to typeset all these scores. Written by musical nerds for musical nerds, so it’s a bit difficult to learn, but the results are of astoundingly high quality—especially for free software.